Pieces Of My Heart : How Charms for Bracelets Became the New Locket

The Meaning of the Locket

The locket has perhaps been one of the most long-beloved pieces of jewelry in the history of jewelry. It has been around for centuries, and was once used as a memento to remember the dearly departed. The locket’s ability to function as an ornament while also holding a piece of something you hold dear (a picture, a lock of hair, etc) has been something that generations have coveted. Whether it’s a picture of your grandma or a picture of your long lost love, lockets are ways to keep that which you love most closest to you.

When the Locket Became the Charm Bracelet

Lockets are still beloved, for sure, but charm bracelets are currently all the rage: and for much the same reason. Whereas the locket was a literal way of storing something you love near to you, the charm bracelet is a more metaphorical and stylish way. Don’t be fooled — lockets and charm bracelets have actually both been around for a very long time. In fact, ornate and detailed charm bracelets were thought to have been worn by the ancient Egyptians as soon as gold and silver came into popularity and was able to be easily molded into adornments. These included symbols of their gods and other important things. However, even as far back as the Neolithic era, people were using shells and seeds as charms for decorations. Beauty and symbolism have long been the style.

Why Charms are “In”

For the current life and times, it makes sense that the charm bracelet has become the new locket. While charms allow you to express your love of the special people in your life, it also allows you to express yourself! Much in the way that Facebook or Pintrest allow you to showcase all the things you like, so do your charms. Additionally, because charms are customizable, it is highly unlikely that any two charm bracelets will be alike. So not only are you able to be true to what you love, but you can also be unique in what you love!

Charms are also popular because of the wide age range that they cover. While lockets are usually coveted by the older generation, charms for bracelets (like these!) are customizable for kids, teenagers, and adults, making them a pleasing gift choice for the picky gift receiver. Finally, charms are usually made with very high-quality, thick silver or other hard metal, and are therefore very hard to break. For those considering a gift that is stylish and a showstopper, definitely consider a charm bracelet.


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